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After I watched Hayley in the tv mini-series ‘The Pillars of the Earth’, I was captivated by her beauty. So, I continued watching her projects and collecting photos, dvds… I wanted to make a site on Hayley for long time ago but never got the time… And, the day came when I talked to my friend, Kate, and she gift me the domain name; so, I asked to my host for space and the dream is going to come true.


First, I would like to say a BIG THANKS to Kate, for making my dream come true and support me everyday. Thanks for the graphics, the domain and everything.
Thanks to Gertie, my host, for the space, support…
Thanks to all the donators.
Thanks to all the visitors, without you…what is the sense?



All graphics, news, layouts… on here are copyrighted to or Nicky unless other is noted. Don’t take any graphics from here and post them on your own website. If you need something, just ask me.



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Hayley Atwell Central is an unofficial fan site dedicated to Hayley Atwell and her career. I have no affiliations with Hayley Atwell; this site is not authorized by Hayley or her representatives. This is a site made by a fan for the fans. This is a non-profit website and all materials on this site are for entertainment purposes, only.

All information on this site has been gathered from various media sources. While I put information only from reliable sources, some information might be false. If that is the case, please contact me. If you have any information you would like to submit to the site, please feel free to do so.

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No copyright infringement is intended. If I have violated a copyright law, please let me know and I will take down the material.


Paparazzi Free

This is a Proud Paparazzi Free site. This means that here at Hayley Atwell Central you won’t find candids and any kind of personal picture of Hayley. We will post just behind the scenes photos, like on set pictures and some arrivals at events, but absolutely no paparazzi photos. With the term “Paparazzi Photos” we mean Hayley’s personal/private photos, like while she’s shopping, with her family, walking…



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